Lake Waverley

It’s amazing how a place can change in a relatively short space of time. Today’s photo shows Lake Waverley, just off Sheffield Parkway. Although it’s now a housing development and home to the advanced manufacturing park as well as the lake, the area, known officially as Orgreave was once very different. Everything you see here now is totally man-made to disguise the fact this was once the site of a colliery and the Orgreave coking plant, where coal was turned into coke for use in the steel industry.

The area became infamous due to the miners strike of the mid-1980s, when it was the site of the well known ‘battle of Orgreave’ between police and striking miners. The rights and wrongs of what happened back then are still hotly debated to this day. One thing is certain though… nothing being fought over back then survives today. The coking plant and the associated colliery closed down and the site was completely flattened. Look around now and you would never know there had ever been any industry there at all.