Stopped By Snow

The Andy Walks van stuck in snow at Carr Vale last Thursday

Last Thursday was not the greatest day in history for us. Although it was snowing most of the morning, we managed to make all our appointments pretty much on time. However, as the snow was starting to settle, we began to have problems getting around. After a bit of trouble getting out of Carr Vale, Andy (in the Andy Walks van) became totally stuck in a traffic jam on Station Road at Bolsover after a lorry came to a halt at the top of the hill and couldn’t get going again.

Meanwhile Georgia, who was also in Carr Vale, cut her last walk of the morning short through fear of not being able to get out of the village. It then took her well over an hour to get to Whitwell. A journey that normally takes about 15 minutes!

With no sign of the snow stopping, we contacted the pet owners who were still expecting us to explain the situation and offer refunds or rescheduled bookings. Our massive thanks to everyone for being so understanding.

The state of the roads that day was appauling! We never saw a single gritter all day. Even the main roads did not appear to have been treated? It’s enough to make you wonder what the local councils do with the money we pay them? They certainly don’t seem to be spending it on essential services like highways!

Thursday was the first time in history we have not been able to reach any of our clients because of bad weather. And we didn’t acuually have that much snow. We measurred it at less than 2 inches! So while we are truely sorry that we could not provide our usual high level of service on Thursday afternoon, we lay the blaime firmly at the doors of both Derbyshire County Council and Bolsover District Council for their failings in what was a forecast and expected snowfall.

Thank goodness our councillors don’t work in Alaska!