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Telephones now okay.

Our recent telephone problems have now been resolved, so you should be able to reach me again on my normal number 07837 306824.  If by any chance yo do still have difficlties though, then drop me a line using the contact form on this website and I’ll get straight back to you.



Telephone problems

We are currently experiencing a problem with our mobile phones due to network upgrade work taking place at the cell tower at Sutton Cum Duckmanton.

If you can’t reach us by telephone today, please drop us an e-mail using the contact form on the home page.

As far as we are aware the electronic tracking of our dog walks is still functioning normally.

Tech update

Our appologies if you have been experiencing technical difficulties with our website over that last few days. The server where our site is hosted has suffered a DDOS attack, which effectively took some of the pages down for a couple of days. The good news is no damage was done and things are getting back to normal now. However the web takes a little time to recover, so if you continue to experience access problems over the next few days please bear with us. Remember, if you want to make or ammend a booking with us, you can always give me a quick ring on 07837 306824 or sent a text to the same number.

Thanks again for your patience.