Hello Duchess

This is Duchess, who along with her terrier friends Molly and Tink, was having multiple daily visits last week while her owners were on holiday. It doesn’t suit all dogs, because some don’t like to be home alone. But for those who don’t mind having the house to themselves home visits can be a less stressful option than going into kennels.


Hot Weather Policy

There is more hot weather forecast this week, so here’s a quick reminder of our hot weather policy.

We will always attend bookings, even in extreme heat. However if your walker deems it too hot to walk either for themselves or for your pet, then we will automatically change the walk to a home visits, possibly including a short walk if there is somewhere shady nearby.

We always have the welfare of your dog as our number 1 priority, so rest assurred we will be doing everything we can to make sure they are happy and comfortable during the warm spell.


Is your dog walker leaving you high and dry for a holiday?

If you have a regular dog walker you probably dread the news…

“I’m just letting yopu know that I’m going on holiday for two weeks, so won’t be doing any walks for a while.”

That may be great for your walker, but it’s not so good for you or your pet, who have loyally supported them, only to be left in the lurch with no service in the middle of summer.

Well, here at Andy Walks we NEVER close down to take holidays.

Because there are three of us out every day, we have the spare capacity to cover each other’s holidays and we pride ourselves on offering a truely weekly service.

So if your dog walker is swanning off somewhere this summer, do a bit of swanning off yourself and make the move over to us here at Andy Walks.

You might even save yourself a few quid in the process, ready for your own holidays!

Hello Wilson

Wilson the Beagle had his first walk with us today. He’s not very old, so he’s not going too far, but he’s enjoying the company while his owner is at work.

Welcome aboard Wilson!

Elena joins the team

Elena with one of the rescue dogs from the sanctuary where she worked as a volunteer.

Today is a big day for Andy Walks as we welcome Elena onboard as a new walker and pet-sitter.  She has an impressive pedigree herself, having worked as a volunteer oversees, looking after dogs found on the streets who are nowhere near as fortunate as the papmered pets we are fortunate to have here in the UK. She’s the brains of the organisation too, having studdied astrophysics at university!

Elena now lives near Sheffield, which means she will become a familiar face to our South Yorkshire based clients as we expand operations to cover the whole of the Sheffield and Rotherham regions.

Stopped By Snow

The Andy Walks van stuck in snow at Carr Vale last Thursday

Last Thursday was not the greatest day in history for us. Although it was snowing most of the morning, we managed to make all our appointments pretty much on time. However, as the snow was starting to settle, we began to have problems getting around. After a bit of trouble getting out of Carr Vale, Andy (in the Andy Walks van) became totally stuck in a traffic jam on Station Road at Bolsover after a lorry came to a halt at the top of the hill and couldn’t get going again.

Meanwhile Georgia, who was also in Carr Vale, cut her last walk of the morning short through fear of not being able to get out of the village. It then took her well over an hour to get to Whitwell. A journey that normally takes about 15 minutes!

With no sign of the snow stopping, we contacted the pet owners who were still expecting us to explain the situation and offer refunds or rescheduled bookings. Our massive thanks to everyone for being so understanding.

The state of the roads that day was appauling! We never saw a single gritter all day. Even the main roads did not appear to have been treated? It’s enough to make you wonder what the local councils do with the money we pay them? They certainly don’t seem to be spending it on essential services like highways!

Thursday was the first time in history we have not been able to reach any of our clients because of bad weather. And we didn’t acuually have that much snow. We measurred it at less than 2 inches! So while we are truely sorry that we could not provide our usual high level of service on Thursday afternoon, we lay the blaime firmly at the doors of both Derbyshire County Council and Bolsover District Council for their failings in what was a forecast and expected snowfall.

Thank goodness our councillors don’t work in Alaska!



Digby is back

We’ve not seen Digby for a few weeks, but he’s back today. He’s just been out to the local park, where he decided to pick up the biggest stick he could find!

2023’s Stat’s for nerds.

Photo by Samson Katt

Okay, so we’ve stolen the title from Google, but as it’s the end of the year we thought you might like some fun facts about the Andy Walks business during 2023…

  • In the last year we have completed well over 1000 walks and home visits.
  • If you did all our walks from 2023 back to back, without stopping, it would take you well over a month to complete them.
  • 4 different walkers have worked for us in 2023. As well as Andy and Georgia, you may have also met Sophie and Caitlyn at different times.
  • There are around 20 dogs on our books, enjoying regular walks with us at any given time. There are others who just have walks occasionally.
  • The average walking speed is around 3 miles per hour.
  • The average distance covered on each walk is around 1.7miles.
  • The most walks and home visits we have ever done in one day was 13, which coincidentally happened on 13th September, although we regularly do 10, 11 or 12.
  • The busiest day of the week for walks is usually a Wednesday. The quietest is Friday.
  • Our regular walks are spread across 3 counties, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire.
  • The most poular lunch the walkers eat is a sausage cob. Although in truth, Andy accounts for a large percentage of these! 🙂

So there you have it, 10 bits of trivia we just thought we’d share as the year reaches it’s end. Thanks to everyone, both human and canine, for supporting the business during 2023 and we hope to see you all again in the months to come.


Christmas Opening

Although we are currently in the middle of the Christmas holiday season, this is just a reminder that our normal service will resume on Tuesday 2nd January 2024.

We are currently taking bookings up to 90 days in advance, which covers up to and including most of March.

Slots are booking up quickly, so to guarantee walks or home visits for your pet you are urged to make your bookings as soon as possible as we work on a first-come, first-served basis. Please remember when booking that your appointment is not confirmed until full payment has been made and confirmed via our Paypal payment gateway. Confirmed bookings show with a green APPROVED on the ‘My Bookings‘ page.

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